Fish from sustainable inshore fisheries

Fish that grows naturally in the open sea and is able to roam freely and can feed from natural fodder sources, is of the highest value to man. The incomparable taste of ocean fish, which have the freedom offered by an entire ocean is unparalleled. In order to maintain this value, it is essential to operate a responsible, sustainable fishery.

‘Wild Ocean’ not only wishes to support sustainable fisheries with its fish products, but also shows respect for life. We view fish stocks as a sustainable resource that needs protection so as to be a source of food for mankind in perpetuity.

Our fish products from ‘Wild Ocean’ are manufactured from fish caught in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner from exactly defined fishery areas. This guarantees healthy, tasty fish without endangering the fish stocks themselves. Exclusive use of filets and a conscious exclusion of additives make our products a premium choice.

We offer you:

•    Wild fish from sustainable inshore fisheries

•    Exactly defined fishing zones (Iceland)

•    Filets used exclusively (no reconstituted fish)

•    Batter not pre-deep fried

•    Free from additives

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